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Teeth Sealants for Children in Plano

Using Dental Sealants to Preserve Your Child's Teeth

Brushing and flossing your teeth is the most efficient way to get rid of loose particles and prevent decay. However, young children are often unable to reach every single spot, which leads to small particles being left behind or unbrushed areas. To help prevent your child from developing tooth decay, our pediatric dentist recommends dental sealants in Plano. At Soaring Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we use dental sealants to protect all of the small areas of your child's teeth from cavities.

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Benefits of Dental Sealants for Young Teeth

We recommend applying sealants to your child's teeth when their permanent teeth have come in, but it may be necessary at some point to seal "baby teeth" as well. You can rely on our dental team to make decisions on a case by case basis for your child.

A few other benefits of sealants include:

  • They are long lasting, usually from three to five years
  • This also makes it easier for your child to brush their teeth and keep them clean

Why Are Dental Sealants Important?

The teeth in the very back of the mouth tend to be a breeding ground for bacteria and cavities, which is why these are the most common areas for sealants. If your child's teeth are prone to cavities or you have applied sealant in the past and it is time for a new coat, simply let us know. It has been proven that dental sealants can reduce decay and cavities by up to 70%, especially in children.

What Are Sealants Made Of?

Dental sealants are made of plastic, medical grade resin which is put onto the tooth and hardens into the tooth's surface and bonds to its many grooves. After it has been properly sealed, the grooves make a smooth surface that is more resistant to plaque.

If you're concerned about BPA, you can take solace in the fact that the majority of modern sealant materials do not contain BPA.

How Are Sealants Applied?

Sealant application is a quick and painless process. Your child's dentist will first clean and try the teeth. Next, an acidic gel is applied which roughs up the teeth surface to ensure a strong bond will form between the teeth and the sealant. Once the gel has been applied, it is quickly rinsed off and your child's dentist will try the teeth once again before applying the sealant to the grooves of the teeth. A special blue light is used to help the sealant harden onto the teeth.

How Long Do Sealants Last?

Sealants can last for several years before they will need to be reapplied. As your child comes in for regular dental visits, the dentist will continue to check on the condition of the sealants. Should any need reapplication, it can be done quickly during your child's appointment.

Do Dental Sealants Prevent All Cavities?

No, dental sealants do not prevent all cavities. While they provide effective protection for the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, they may not fully shield all areas of the teeth from decay. Proper oral hygiene practices, regular dental check-ups, and a healthy diet are also essential in preventing cavities.

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