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It is not uncommon for some children to be anxious or apprehensive to undergo most types of dental procedures. When a child is overly nervous about seeing the dentist, it can make them jittery and uneasy during dental care. This causes further discomfort and will not be as safe as possible, especially if the pediatric dentist needs to use dental tools.

At Soaring Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we prioritize safety, comfort, and satisfaction. If your child is worried about going to the dentist, then we can consider using in-office oral sedation to help them stay calm and relax. Oral sedation has proven to be an effective and safe way to reduce a child’s jitters when American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) standards are followed.

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Benefits of In-Office Oral Sedation

Our dentistry team is comprised of highly experienced dentists and assistants. We are known throughout the area for both our care and our ability to work with children. You can be confident that we know how to safely administer oral sedation to keep your child happy, calm, and comfortable during dental procedures. In most cases, local anesthetics are used, as they are effective, safe, and simple.

The benefits of in-office oral sedation are:

  • Comfort: Localized anesthetics help eliminate any discomfort your child might feel during advanced pediatric dentistry, like adding stainless steel crowns. As your child realizes there is no sharp pain in the procedure, they may even begin to like coming to the dentist in the future!
  • Awareness: If we use a local anesthetic for your child’s oral sedation, then they will stay awake during the procedure, if not quite drowsy. Some children and parents are hesitant to use any anesthetic that induces unconsciousness, so this can be the perfect alternative.
  • Safety: As we mentioned, following AAPD standards for in-office oral sedation allows us to administer localized anesthetics safely. Your child’s comfort, care, and health are always the first things on our minds.

What You Should Know About Oral Sedations

  1. We may ask that you not provide your child any food or beverage for 6 or more hours before their pediatric dentistry procedure if oral sedations are to be used. We may need to reschedule your appointment if your child eats or drinks during the prohibited time.
  2. You and your child may be required to stay in a waiting room for up to an hour while the oral sedation starts to work.
  3. Your child will likely feel tired for 3 or more hours after the dental procedure ends. Mouth numbness may also accompany this drowsiness.
  4. Your child should get plenty of bedrest afterwards to ensure proper healing.
  5. If your child is hungry after the procedure, then we recommend only soft, gentle foods, like a yogurt or low-sugar ice cream.
  6. Please talk to your pediatrician about pain relief options and medications, like child-safe ibuprofen, if your child continues to experience discomfort after the oral sedation expires.

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Our Plano kids dentists are always happy to hear from new and returning patients. We take pride in being able to deliver comfortable and caring pediatric dentistry of all sorts, including using oral sedation administered in our office. From routine cleanings to fluoride treatments, we take care of all your child’s dental needs.

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